The Crown: Season 5 The Last for the Royal Netflix drama? Plot, predictions and More!

Heralded as one of the best British TV shows by bloggers, critics and audience alike, The Crown has gained an excellent reputation as being one of the best portrayals of the royal family in the past decade. With each episode ending in cliff-hangers and being just as thrilling as it is factual, The Crown has … Read more

The Crown Season 5: Imelda Staunton Cast as Queen Elizabeth ll? Cast details and updates

Britain’s most beloved royal family has just become more of the world’s favourite since the inception of The Crown. The Crown is an Amazon-Prime Video TV series production portraying the life of the royals. And in the show is on centre stage, the story of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, her life and obstacles she … Read more

Why Is Netflix Ending The Crown At Season 5?

Netflix has been streaming Crown since a very long time, and it has gained a lot of appreciation throughout the world. Many celebrities, including actress Deepika Padukone, put up a review of the new season of the show on Instagram. The show earned 26 Emmy nominations after its fifth season caught the eyes of the … Read more

The Crown To End With Imelda Staunton as the Final Queen.

Shockingly, The Crown is about to hit end; but the good news is that the creators have revealed The Final Queen. Imelda Staunton, who is famous for her role in Harry Potter as Professor Dolores Umbridge will be the final queen, Elizabeth II. Imelda Staunton Confirms To Be The Final Queen Peter Morgan, the creator of the … Read more

The Crown :The Royal Netflix Drama Will Have A Last Season Five

What Happened To the Sixth Season? According to the reports, the creator of the series Peter Morgan has himself revealed that season 5 of the series would be the last season. Fans are in a shock and are begging to have Harry and Meghan episodes and a sixth season. Morgan had initially planned for the … Read more

“The Crown” Coming To An End Already?

“The Crown“, an original Netflix series about Britain’s Royal Family is hitting to an end. The epic history of The Britain Royalty grabbed a lot of attention from the audience. The first episode aired on 4th of November, 2013. Peter Morgan is the creator of The Crown. Morgan confirmed that the series will end after … Read more

The Crown Season 5: Imelda Staunton to play Queen Elizabeth ll

Britain’s and maybe the world’s most beloved royal family, The British Royal Family has just become more of the world’s favourite since the inception of The Crown, an Amazon-Prime Video production portraying the life of the royals. Placed on centre stage; however, is the story of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, her life, the obstacles … Read more

The Crown Season 4: Lord Mountbatten’s Funeral Will Be Featured! Predictions And More

Bagging a total of twenty-six Emmy nominations, The Crown is packed with strong performances and even stronger writing! The show consists of a total of eight-episode in all three seasons. The show received universal acclaim, especially for a relatively accurate historical account of Queen Elizabeth’s reign.  This historical drama web series was created and written … Read more

The Ultimate List of the best British Tv shows on Netflix right now

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