Netflix’s Most watched shows: Takeaways

Most watched TV shows on Netflix in 2019. Here is the list, details, and takeaways of most-watched TV shows in 2019 with millions of viewers and Fan all over the world. The shows listed below is one the greatest Season ever made. If you haven’t it yet then what are you waiting for go and … Read more

Top 9 episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has always come out with some pure gems in terms of comedy. The show first released in 2013 and after a brief cancellation scare after season four, everything has only looked up. The show played by iconic actors Andy Samberg, Melissa Fumero, Terry Crews, Stephanie Beatrice, Joe Lo Truglio and Andre Braugher, remains … Read more

10 Old Netflix Originals That Are Worth Giving Another Go!

Netflix is the largest streaming platform, loaded with popular movies and TV series. As time has passed, some of our favorites have been buried under the millions of new upcoming shows. Here are some old Netflix Originals that you NEED to rewatch! Stranger Things  Stranger Things lives up to its expectation of being the highest … Read more

Netflix’s Love is Blind : What Does The Trailer Says, Everything To Expect

Love is blind is an upcoming reality show that is a new step of defining love. In this world of casual online dating applications and pretentious outside beauty, this is a new initiative of making people realize what love is. What it shows The people involved in the series are those who are in seek … Read more

October Factions: The Biggest Unanswered Questions

Netflix’s October Faction is built on a lot of mysteries and secrets. Due to that, there a lot of confusion and questions in the viewer’s minds. Here are some of the biggest unanswered questions that we know about. Who Imprisoned Alice? With the vampire Moshe (Dayo Ade) now hunting her, some think that it could … Read more

Better Call Saul: Air Date, Casting And Expectations!

The 5th Part of the series was announced even before the launch of its Season 4. Its similarity with the thriller drama, Breaking Bad, makes it even more exciting for the viewers to wait for it. Premiere According to the sources, the next season is most likely to air in mid-2020. Speaking about the season … Read more

Things you dont know about Geralt played by Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill adapted well for his role on The Witcher — possibly too well, according to the show’s costume designer. The actor spent a lot of time getting in shape for the role, and the outcomes were impressive muscles that “wore down the leather” of his armour. Social media is still staggering from this behind-the-scenes … Read more

Dynasty season 3 episode 9: Return date on The CW? Cast and other details

Dynasty is a reboot of the classic ’80 soap opera that adapts the series to be more like some of its modern counterparts while retaining some of the magic that made the original great. Why The Release Was Cancelled The show airs on CW in America with international streaming rights to Netflix and its season … Read more

Van Helsing Season 5: True origins of Jack and Violet, Latest updates on air date and cast

In this re-conceptualizing of the classic Dracula story, the world is dominated by vampires, requiring humans to work together to survive. The series centres on Vanessa Helsing, daughter of famed vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing, who wakes up after a five-year coma to discover a vampire-controlled world. She soon learns that she possesses a unique … Read more

Modern Family Is Ending: Here’s Everything To Know About The Final Season

After all these years, Modern Family is finally ending, but it will always live in our hearts. All through the ten seasons for the past ten years, this ABC comedy show has ever tried to bring a smile to our face. Though we always heard about the show coming to an end, there was nevertheless … Read more