New Mulan Character Posters Are Out! Here’s What Fans Can Expect And Updates

Upcoming American epic action drama film directed by Niki Caro, Mulan is all set to release on the 27th of March 2020. Last week Walt Disney Studious released a bunch of character posters, which are most certainly enough to make a fan out of you!  Cast Details The poster featured six of the main cast … Read more

Crisis On Infinite Earths Makes DCEU Canon In Arrowverse With Ezra Miller Flash Cameo.

DCEU’s version of Flash played by Ezra Miller meets CW’s Flash confirming the crossover of Crisis on Infinite Earths in Arrowverse. With the cameo of Ezra Miller from the Justice League movie, the makers just hinted towards the starting of a new exciting arc. Expected Release Date of Flash The small screen shared universe of … Read more

[Latest] Godzilla vs Kong Official Release Date, Cast, Plot, Who will Be Defeated, Read Full Story Here

After the movies Godzilla: King of Monsters and Kong: Skull Island, it is now time for “Godzilla vs Kong” which is the sequel to the previously mentioned movies. As the monsters clash against each other, audiences are all revved up for the heated battle between the cinemas’ most renowned monster characters. Release Date This upcoming … Read more