Yoga Teacher Training Program – Laela Wilding

Having been an HIV/AIDS ambassador, Laela Wilding has seen a lot. In fact, she’s become the face of the movement. During her time, she has been featured on TV and in print media. Her family is proud of her achievements and she continues to work hard to make sure that everyone knows that she’s a champion of HIV/AIDS awareness.

Family background

Having been born to actors, Laela Wilding has followed in the footsteps of her family’s entertainment industry career. She has worked behind the camera and has a few producing credits.

A graphic designer and yoga instructor, Laela has a passion for advocacy work. She owns a business entity called All Heart Yoga. She is also an ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. She has worked closely with the foundation to create awareness and fundraising events. She also works as a board member for Our House of Portland, which provides health care to low-income HIV+ people.

Laela Wilding was born in 1971. She is the eldest child of Michael Wilding Jr. and Beth Clutter. She grew up in California near her grandmother. Her grandmother was an artist and she spent a lot of time with her. She fondly remembers her grandmother cutting her hair and helping her with makeup. Laela’s grandmother was a doting grandmother.


Dame Elizabeth Taylor’s granddaughter, Laela Wilding, is an advocate and a yoga instructor. She is also an ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF). She is also a graphic designer. She lives in Portland, Oregon. Laela works for the foundation, helping to coordinate events and raise money for HIV/AIDS awareness. She is also on the board of directors for Our House of Portland, which provides services to HIV+ people in the city. She has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million in 2022.

Laela has a close relationship with her grandmother, Elizabeth Taylor. They spent a lot of time together when she was growing up. Laela also has two younger half-siblings. One of her younger half-siblings is Tarquin Wilding.

Tarquin is the younger brother of Laela and Naomi. Tarquin has appeared in a number of films. He has also taught yoga to middle school kids in New York. He has also been involved with AIDSWatch in Washington, DC.

Yoga teacher training

Among the many yoga teacher training programs available in Portland, Oregon is one run by Laela Wilding. The yoga teacher training program offers comprehensive studies in yoga principal asana, meditation, and mindfulness. The program also focuses on the human body and how yoga can help the mind and body support each other.

Laela is also the owner of All Heart Yoga, which offers a variety of yoga classes in Portland. She offers both private and group lessons. She teaches Yin/Hatha/Vinyasa yoga, as well as meditation and breath work. She received her 200-hour yoga teacher training from Yoga Bhoga. She has also received instruction in Yin Yoga from Bernie Clerk and Michele Lowe. She has completed Yoga Nidra with Simon Menashe.

She is also a yoga teacher and an ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. She works as a graphic designer and yoga instructor, as well as owning All Heart Yoga. She and her husband, Todd McMurray, have two children.

HIV/AIDS ambassador

AIDSWatch is an annual event that brings together HIV advocates from around the country. The event takes place in Washington, DC and is billed as the largest HIV advocacy event of the year.

AIDSWatch is sponsored by the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation and is a key part of the organization’s mission to end the HIV epidemic. It is held on the first and second days of April each year and is attended by hundreds of people living with HIV. It also brings together advocates from 40 different states and Puerto Rico. AIDSWatch urges the federal government to invest in strategies to fight the epidemic and end discrimination.

Last year, Representative Barbara Lee re-introduced the REPEAL HIV Discrimination Act. This legislation would aim to end discrimination against people living with HIV and to modernize the laws.

Elizabeth Taylor was a famous British-American actress and activist. She became a powerful advocate for AIDS awareness in the early 1980s. She raised hundreds of millions of dollars in her fight against the disease. She traveled to Washington, DC three times in 1990 to lobby for the cause.