The November Issue Of GQ Magazine Showcases How GQ Redefines Masculinity In Today’s Generation

Recently, the GQ magazine unveiled its new cover that raised questions in people’s minds. The cap included Pharrell Williams, the Grammy nominee. Yet his uniform was quite different, and a dispute emerged. Williams wore a Moncler yellow lemon coat cascading to his bottom. He looked like a lily plant upside-down, yet to bloom. His hands … Read more

San Francisco striken by an earthquake

An earthquake if magnitude around 4.5 had witnessed in the San Francisco Bay Area. The earthquake occurred on Monday at around 10:33 pm. The epicenter of the earthquake was in the Pleasant Hill areas and the Walnut Creek, where only little to moderate shaking of the ground had felt. There were certain areas where the … Read more

Eddie Van Halen Is Reported To Battle With Throat Cancer Once Again! Is It Serious?

The famous Dutch singer and guitarist Eddie Van Halen has cancer of the throat. In 2000, nearly 20 years ago, the 64-year-old was previously diagnosed with cancer. Instead, he began treatment in 2000 to cure tongue cancer, and fortunately, in 2002, he was confirmed free of disease. He had to undergo surgery and had to … Read more

Salma Hayek Reaches 12 Million Followers On Instagram! This Is How She Celebrated It!

The beautiful Salma Hayek has just turned 53 and banged her birthday. She seems to know how to keep her bikini game good. And her glamor and good looks, of course, just make it better. The actress has posted photos of her Instagram birthday celebration, and we can’t help but drool. The actress shared her … Read more

Redefining by GQ in an era persisting of a new masculinity

The GQ magazine has its headquarters in Lower Manhattan. An image of the Grammy winner- Pharrell William was witnessed there where he was dressed in Moncler coat, which was lemon yellow in color flowing past his feet and looked like a lily flower which was placed upside down, about to bloom. He had his hands … Read more

Nike Has Released Air Force 1! Is It Inspired By The New York City?

Often the NYC parks across the district are more popular than the city itself— as soon as visitors imagine walking in the winter, spring, or even fall— and are one of the most definitive facets of the bustling Metropolis. Nevertheless, Nike is the leading distributor of SOHO to fifth Ave in Portland, Oregon, and maintains … Read more

Britney Spears Shares Her Photo From Maui Vacation With A Caption Dedicated To Nature

Britney Spears recently took a little “me” time in Maui and is now sharing her tropical getaway details. During a break from her job and the sun, Spears, 37, hit the beach on an unforgettable journey. “Nothing heals more than the ocean I always feel alive when I see it,” the star wrote Monday’s Instagram … Read more

Is Camila Cabello Revealed About Her First Kiss And First Date With Shawn Mendes?

Entertainment Tonight accounts that Cabello disclosed in which they had their first date. It is her first time speaking about it. An eyewitness told that the socket that Cabello” remembered working on a tune with Billie Eilish’s brother, Finneas O’Connell. Cabello stated she and O’Connell began working on the tune,’Used For this,’ that came together … Read more

Lady Gaga Asks On Twitter “What’s Fortnite?” And The Answers Are Very Sarcastic

On Tuesday, Lady Gaga had a nagging question: “What’s fortnight?” The Oscar-winning singer asked her legion of Twitter followers the question, most of whom supposedly meant Fortnite, the massively popular video game, which was suddenly, though temporarily, erased on Sunday. What’s fortnight — Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) October 15, 2019 Of course, several people are keen … Read more